Friday, February 26, 2010

Should I worry?

So these 3 pictures posted on my last blog led to a few comments, that led me to start worrying.

First of all, look at how Tony is sitting in all 3 pictures. Cute right, well apparently it's not good for kids to sit like this, or "W-sitting" as they (the developmental police) call it. Something about putting pressure on the hips, shortening of the muscles, disruption in the development of hand preference, improper trunk rotation...blah blah blah. Seriously do I have to worry about this and correct him whenever he sits this way? I don't know, seems a little extreme to me, but I will watch him and see if he is easily persuaded to change positions. Any thoughts or opinions on this one????

And in this last picture you see Tony still has his pacifier. Yes he is almost 2 and a half years old, but he only gets it in bed, not anywhere else in the house and not even in the car. So I thought I was doing pretty good, but is that good enough??? I decided I would try to break the habit this week since I have a week off work. Today at nap time I told him I couldn't find it and it was an all out crying episode. I finally gave in and let him get up, thinking he'd get tired and eventually fall asleep without it. By 4 O'clock I was ready to give him the paci back, this boy needs naps still and if giving up the paci means giving up naps, then I AM NOT READY YET! So when should you get rid of the pacifier? I think 3 is the universal answer, so I'm good to go for a little bit longer.


Tina in CT said...

I took my daughter's bottle away when she was turning one and she never had a pacifier. My rule of thumb is when they walk is time to take a bottle or pacifier away.

As for the sitting in the W form, I know nothing about it. Give a call to your pediatrician. I never even thought about it when I saw him sitting like that in your pictures. I would think it would hurt his hips and not be comfortable.

Jorden and Kristin said...

All us kids sat like that and none of us have hip problems or anything! I think he'll be fine :) one of my friends had her little boy gatherall his pacis then they tied a bunch of helium ballons to them and sent them up in the sky to send them to kids who didn't have parents to buy them pacis. Apparently he handled it well

Shanna said...

My oldest was over three when we got rid of his pacifier and we went ahead with getting rid of his brother's at the same time. We put theirs in their Easter baskets so the Easter bunny could take them for other babies. And of course he brought them treats in exchange. It was a little rough the first couple of days, but they did well and I did not cave because I threw them all out that night!

I don't know about the sitting, but seems kids are always sitting ways I think look uncomfortable!

Natalie said...

you're weak. lol... I'm sure I'll understand some day when I'm a mom right? i can read your mind. and what children posture police are reading your blog? weird.

Rachael said...

I don't know about the sitting thing. I would ask your peds when you go in next, but otherwise don't worry about it.

Nat's comment about the pacie cracks me up! So your little sister is telling you you are weak and your big sister is telling you...well, you know how I feel about it. It is not worth losing naps! Get rid of pacie when he's through napping. Plus, you know, I come from the parenting school of thought, that all kids EVENTUALLY do what they're supposed need to sweat it and stress and cry. It works as a potty training method too, you know.

Anonymous said...

We always said when the teeth start coming in get rid of the paci. So their teeth wouldnt be crooked. 3 years old means time for preschool which means big bnoy now.

Shannon said...

Don't you remember the "patsie" incident at the Seattle Zoo? Maddy gave hers up all on her own at three. She put it in a toy box and went to bed knowing where it was.

As for the sitting thing?... I have no idea what is normal since my parenting ordeal is anything but normal. HA!

Sarah said...

As a big fan of Supernanny, I agree with others that you should kind of make it an event where he willingly gives over his paci, and maybe when he's closer to 3 so he understands?

And the sitting, I can remember being discouraged from sitting like that. My ankles lean over to the inside when I stand but I have no idea whether it comes from sitting like that. Definitely ask your doctor.

Lauri said...

That was me who pointed out the sitting..just wanted to pass on helpful info and not to cause worry... sorry. my daughter now 5 still sits this way and all the educational early intervention teachers have always strongly encouraged me to put a stop to it.

she seems almost wired to sit this way and is uncomfortable in any other position. However she did have fine motor issues at Tony's age and all the EI specialists really felt that this was not a good way for any child to sit

as far as the paci... I have no useful advice. My daughter still sucks on her fingers to fall asleep.. not such a easy thing to give up

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