Wednesday, February 3, 2010

The Sweetest Place on Earth!

Yesterday when I came home from work at 9am Todd announced that he and his dad were going to a farm show in Hershey, PA to see some demonstration/explanation of a new fertilizer they may want to use this next farm season. I said they should take Tony, he loves chocolate and how fun would that be to go to the Chocolate factory and see how they make chocolate.... and somehow that turned into let's all go to Hershey! I made a few phone calls and did some rearranging of my work schedule so I was free the rest of the week, and Todd, me and the kids loaded up and were on the road by 2pm. (When Todd's dad found out the whole family was going, he decided he'd stay home. I can't imagine why he wouldn't want to ride in a car with 2 little kids for 9 hours :)) Anyway, we got in late last night and this morning we went to the farm show. I say morning, but by the time we got up, got dressed, ate breakfast and got to the show, it was nearly lunch time. So today was Todd's day (at the Farm Show) and tomorrow is for me and the kids. We are going to the Chocolate Factory and I can't wait. I hope it is fun for Tony, I know Bella could care less, but with Tony's love for chocolate, I really hope he gets excited and understands it all. Well as much as a 2 year old mind can!

Here are a few pictures from the farm show.

Tony had to crawl up and into every tractor there! He didn't seem to mind being there, so long as he was on a tractor.
Bella trying to take a nap, and smelling her blanket. I don't know why, but both my kids do that, they have their favorite blanket that they must have in order to sleep, and they smell it for reassurance that it really is their blanket.
Well she couldn't sleep I guess the farm show was so exciting she didn't want to miss a thing. I finally gave up on the nap let her out of the stroller to get some exercise too.
I was so impressed that he could get up in the tractor all by himself, that when he did it the second time I got my camera out to record it and some guy decided to start talking to me right when I was taping it, it was so annoying. I didn't talk back to him, hoping he would realize what I was doing and stop talking, but he didn't. Just kept on talking.... that's a farmer for ya!

If tomorrow is anything like today, I will have some down time during nap time to blog about the Chocolate Factory!


Tina in CT said...

Wonder which event Tony will like better - big tractors or chocolate.

Jorden and Kristin said...

aww he's so cute! looks like you are having fun!

Rachael said...

Well, you left out the part about the farm show! I thought you guys just spontaneously packed up to go see the chocolate factory. Derrick thought you were CRAZY, but when I told him about the farm show, you got downgraded from crazy to just spontaneous.

Cecelia said...

Thanks for blogging. Can't wait for tomorrow's blog. Loved see the kids. Is Bella walking yet? Looks like she's trying to if she isn't.

Lori said...

Haha Rach, I left the farm show part out on purpose, just to sound like a really cool mom who would do anything for her kids!

Brandy said...

SOOOO cute. I want to just kiss your little girls cheeks. I love chubby cheeks.

Natalie said...

i could go for a giant chocolate bar now! those donut cravings are starting to set in. I cant pinpoint what i want, but I want something sweet!