Friday, March 5, 2010

Chicago's Shed Aquarium = lots of fun

The Big Tank!

If you've never been to Chicago's Shed Aquarium your missing out. Todd and I took the kids this past Sunday and we enjoyed it so much that 2 days later I came back with my friend Michelle and her kids for another fun day. I did learn that going during the week is much more pleasant because it is less crowded.

Here are some pictures of the fun...


I bet it's not fun to clean this glass, look at all the dirty hand prints
Tony really enjoyed himselfBella had a pretty good time too
Lots of things for Bella to climb on
This was the Fantasea show from down below and that is a Baluga Whale

The Fantasea show from above

When we came back with my friend we opted to drive up the night before and stay in my in-laws condo in downtown Chicago. The kids had lots of fun sitting in the window from the 28th floor and watching all the cars below.

Michelle's kids Olivia and Sam are on the outside with Tony in the middle.

Tony thought this was the coolest cookie jar ever, and there weren't even cookies in it!
Water fun

Ooh, look at the Penguin!!!
Bella got to see one up close too!
Sam and Bella Penguin watching
Olivia and Sam in an Ice Cave


The Submarine was great fun for both Bella and Tony
So many buttons and switches to mess with

Tony and Bella in the ice cave, right before leaving, can you tell they are wearing out? It was a long day with no nap for them, but surprisingly they did quite well.

"Hey Bella, check out this baby Penguin!"

Such a sweet big brother!

All in all it was a very fun couple of days, and I think we will be going back a lot more. On the way home Tony kept saying, "go back!"


Kathy said...

We just went there a few weeks ago! Yes, weekends are outrageously crowded :( We went on a Saturday, but we got there right when it opened so we had a little bit of time without crowds.
I love checking out the Carribean Reef tank and the oceanarium.
Did you like the Fantasea show?? I thought it was a bit too theatrical. I would have rather watched a typical dolphin show with lots of tricks and flips. My son (the one that actually stayed to watch it) wasn't too interested in all the showy stuff.
Glad to hear you had a good time. Great pics!

Tina in CT said...

It looks like a great aquarium and your kids must have been amazed.

Great pictures from your visit there.

Natalie said...

It looks so cool! I will have to take my kid some day. Maybe not for awhile though, he might not get to really enjoy it... :) I didnt know they had such a nice aquarium.

Rachael said...

So did you buy a season pass?

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artfulstarfish said...

What a fun day! We love aquariums too, hope to get to that one some day.

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Anonymous said...

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E.B. in Tennessee said...

Looks like y'all had fun — lots of great pics!