Monday, September 7, 2009

A day in the life of...

My sister Rachael so kindly pointed out that a good majority of my blog posts are updates on the patio. Well that is because people keep asking me to post pictures AND it's super easy to blog about that since there is very little typing involved.

Anyway, here is another blog post that isn't about the patio, but about Bella.

Bella is 5 months old now and growing cuter and a little bit chubbier everyday, she is such an easy baby. I'm so glad she wasn't my first child cause I would have been spoiled for sure.
Here is what her days are like: (so I can look back and remember)

8 am wake up. This is my favorite part of the day, getting her out of bed in the morning, she is always so happy. She is still swaddled up at night (except her arms) and she is just smiling and wiggling when I go in to get her up. It really makes getting out of bed, no matter how tired I am, totally worth it.
Then she eats - still just breastmilk for now, but we plan to start cereal in a couple weeks. I remember with Tony I couldn't wait to start feeding him food, but now that I know how much work it is and how messy it is, I am in no hurry to start. I have given her a taste or two of cereal, and she really seems to like it. I'm hoping for a better eater with Bella than I got with Tony. I also plan to make all her baby food. I always thought that the reason Tony is such a picky eater is because after eating all that bland tasteless food his taste buds were ruined, so when I tried to feed him anything with texture or flavor he rejected it. I call that the Gerber curse.

Then after breakfast we play and hang out with Tony.
10 am is nap time, and I can usually get her to sleep for 2-3 hours.
1pm up and eating again. Then she gets a bath and dressed for the day.
1-4 we hang out, and play some more.
4-6 nap time again.
6 -8 eat, play and hang out some more.
8:30 she is down for the night.

See what I mean by easy? Although add an almost 2 year old into the mix and things aren't quite so easy anymore, but we manage. Most days are good, but I wont lie, going to work every now and again is a nice little break. Although, I only feel that way for about an hour or two, and then I am ready to go back home and be with my babies.

Here are some of my favorite pictures of her from the summer.
Look at these legs, are they not the fatest little legs you've ever seen? I love them though, they are so cute.

This was taken the week of the fair that was soo cold in August. One of the few times she has worn shoes.
All dressed up for Sabbath School in the dress that her Auntie Nay Nay made for her.
Tony never really liked this toy, but Bella sure seems to.

Bella in her crib in the morning.

Two weekends ago Todd and I had Bella dedicated to Jesus and Rachael and Derrick's daughter Kristen was baptized. We decided to to a little program together since our parents live in NY. Rachael was on the ball and blogged all about it quite a while ago, but most of the pictures are on my camera. So I will just post the slide show and then refer you to her blog to read about it: Thoroughly Exhausting but Exciting Weekend.


Rachael said...

Great pictures. Bella is such a cutie. You forgot to mention though that Bella is only an easy baby for YOU. She is getting better though - I've been able to hold her a lot longer without tears lately.

(P.S. Did you put that Green Day song on the slide show on purpose? Or did that just pop in there's kind of an interesting choice for the baptism slide show.)

Elle J said...

Great photos ~ especially of the baptism. Bella and you look great in all the photos too ~ you both are very pretty.

Francie said...

I'm glad you posted about this! Bella is so adorable! I swear, both your kids are the happiest kids! And their smiles just melt my heart!

Natalie said...

Bella is so cute. i love those pictures.