Wednesday, March 18, 2009

What's on my mind.

Eat, Sleep & Play. That is pretty much my routine these days. Wake up in the morning, eat breakfast, play for a couple hours, then nap time. Then we do it all over again starting with lunch, more play, nap time, dinner, play some more and then it's bed time. I must say it's a pretty nice routine we've gotten into. As much as I am ready for little Isabella to be born, I'm not ready to give up my nice little routine. With only 8 more days to go, it is more likely that I will have her before the milk in my fridge spoils, so I guess I better get ready and enjoy the way things are for another 8 days +/-.

If going to Babies R Us and spending a large amount of money is considered nesting... well then I'm nesting. I went to buy a mattress for the crib. That was all I needed, but somehow the cart got really full and I found all kinds of things I felt were very necessary at the time. It wasn't until the checker gave me the grand total that I realized I probably didn't need all that stuff. I charged everything today, and by the time the bill comes, I will be on unpaid maternity leave which means Todd will have to pay it, so even though Todd thinks I bought the mattress, little does he know, he bought the mattress, along with all the other unnecessary essentials I purchased.

Now what about a middle name for our baby girl? We are having some trouble here. Isabella _________ C*******

Go ahead and leave me a comment if you have a middle name suggestion. We are running out of time here so we really need to hurry up and come up with something.
P.S. If you leave a comment anonymously please sign your name.

I still have 3 more shifts to go at work, this Friday and next Tuesday and Wednesday 12 hour night shifts. Surprisingly I actually feel pretty good these days, considering all the problems I had a few weeks ago. My fibroid doesn't hurt anymore, I'm not having contractions, and the heartburn seems to have improved too. Maybe that means she is dropping and relieved some pressure on my stomach. Who knows, but really I think I will be fine working, the hardest part will be staying awake when I'm already so tired all the time. Of course if I go into labor this weekend and miss out on work, I definitely wont be complaining. My doctors appt is tomorrow, so I will get a better idea of how likely it is that she will come early. Keep your fingers crossed, cause I'm really hoping for this weekend.


Rachael said...

You guys still haven't settled on a middle name? We didn't decide Ben's until after he was born. We were trying to decide between "Charles" or "Ryan" and then Derrick got annoyed that everyone was giving their two cents worth, so the first chance we had alone he filled out the birth certificate with something all together different: "Thomas". I let him choose the middle name since I had lobbied for and got my wish for the first name.

So...I could give you lots of suggestions for Bella's middle name, but if Todd is anything like Derrick, that would just move them right to the veto list.

Natalie said...

How about Aevery. That's one you might not get a suggestion for.

Elle J said...

Obviously, not knowing your last name, this will be kinda hard. :)


Wishing you much luck on the birth of your sweet baby. Can't wait to read and see!!! :)

Sarah said...

My suggestion for her middle name is Grace. Simple, feminine, timeless.

Will you please post a belly pic? I bet you look really cute.

Yep. Isabella Grace.

Anonymous said...

Isabella Claire!

~ PattiLynn

Paula said...

Wow, your on the home stretch now. How exciting! Of course I'm partial to Christine as a middle name because that is what our little Bella's is. Can't wait to see her little face.

Starfish said...

I know I voted for "Rose" but I like Grace too!

Shanna said...

All good suggestions. I vote for Marie.
Isabella Marie is nice. I will have to admit it is my middle name too!

Sounds like a really nice routine. Maybe baby will enjoy that routine too when she comes. I know what you mean about being tired, only I can't sleep for some reason!!