Thursday, February 5, 2009

A few pictures to share

I got my computer back and it is as good as new. It definitely had a virus, the hard drive had to be erased and rebuilt. While I had it being fixed I had them back up all my files on an external hard drive, so I don't have to worry about losing my pictures. I think the virus had been brewing for a while because I had noticed how slow it was, but thought it was my internet provider, not my computer. Now that it is virus free, it is so fast.

So now that I have my computer back, I thought I'd share a few pictures... Here is Tony in his wagon he got for his birthday. He loves it, I think we may just keep it in the basement forever. He likes to put toys in it, and then climb inside and play with them. He has a little trouble getting in because it's a bit taller than him, he sort of just bends over it at the waist and the top half of him falls in and then he pulls his legs over the sides. Very entertaining to watch.
My friend Lynette came over for a visit the other day. She had Tony cracking up.He has mastered the stairs now, he can go up and down them quite well now. He likes to go to the basement and play with his toys.
He loves to help me do the dishes. Actually I think he just likes to just climb into the dishwasher. I'm not sure what the weight limit is on the door, but it seems to hold 20 pounds.

Last week he got another haircut. Such a cutie. We couldn't resist taking pictures again. The poor girl who cut his hair is probably wondering if we are going to do that every time. He was pretty well behaved until she brought out the clippers to trim the sides and then he got mad and started screaming. She won him over in the end with a ring pop which he put in his mouth and refused to take out until it was completely gone. I think next time we will give him the ring pop during the haircut, instead of after.

On Sunday my sister Francie and Todd and I took Tony to the beach to get some pictures. Todd was not impressed with our idea, but he came along to make sure we didn't do anything stupid. I think he thought we might walk out on the frozen lake or something. This picture Francie took through and ice ring. Looks pretty cool huh?

And for the grand finale..... take a look at who's testing out his walking legs. He has been taking a few steps here and there for about 5 days now. I've tried really hard to capture it on video but that has proven to be very difficult. This is not the greatest video, but it gives you the idea.


Cecelia said...

He's walking. So glad you captured it so I could see him taking those first few steps. The fun is just about to begin!

Francie said...

Good to know you got your computer up and working again! Nice pictures too! I like that black and white one of you and Tony. He was walking a lot more in that video than he was on Sunday! Yay!!! What a cutie!

Tina in CT said...

Great pictures. The ones of the pier are professional quality and the one through the ice ring should be blown up and framed.

Yeah! Cute video of Anthony's walking.

Elle J said...

GREAT black and white of you and Tony!!! Your sister does great work with her pictures!

Shanna said...

Those first few steps are so exciting for a parent! And then the fun begins. Glad you got some on camera. I did not get any of my first son, he just got up and started walking one day when he was 8 months old. My second son was much more hesitant and I had a better idea of when he was going to do it so I caught it on camera.
Those pictures are great. Looks nice and COLD!!

Rachael said...

Great pics. Maybe we will take the kids down there this afternoon. It's supposed to warm up this weekend, so now would be the time, before things start melting. Plus, we might get lucky and not freeze to death down there if we time it right on the cusp of the warm up!

One caveat about the ring pop: if you give it to him at the beginning of the haircut, he will end up eating some hair. Just a bit of been there, done that advice.

Paula said...

Yes, he's doing well on his walking. Isn't it great when they can crawl up and down the stairs? No more nightmares of a tumble down.

Natalie said...

Thats trouble for you now that hes walking! He seems to be changing already. His look is still cute as ever, but he looks a little bit older!