Sunday, January 18, 2009

Anthony at the Detroit Auto Show

Every year since my sister Natalie started dating Adam she goes to the Detroit Auto Show with his whole family. They make an event out of it, they stay for a long time at the show, checking out all the cars, and then all go out to eat Mexican food. This year Todd and I are thinking about getting an SUV, so we decided to drive over and go to the auto show with them. What better way to check out all your options in the middle of winter and stay warm doing it?
I was a little worried how Anthony would do staying up so late, I had told Natalie I was thinking about leaving him behind to stay with his Grandma and Grandpa, but she seemed disappointed that he wouldn't be coming, so I decided to bring him along. We got to the Auto Show around 6:30pm and before the group split up we made plans to meet back up to leave for the restaurant at 9:30. All I could think was Oh boy, Anthony's bedtime is 8pm, this should be interesting. I must say though, he was a very good little boy, in fact I think he really loved the auto show. He didn't last 15 minutes in his stroller and he wanted out. Every SUV we looked at he wanted to get inside and check it out. As soon as the car door was opened he was leaning over reaching for it to let us know he wanted in.
Here are a few pictures I took:

I started off getting into the cars with him.But really he just wanted to get in and check it out all by himself.He didn't just want to sit in them, he wanted to drive them too.

Here he's checking out the Mini Cooper. While he was in there a police officer came up to the window and asked to see his drivers license. It was pretty funny. Natalie got a good picture of Tony and the cop, but I missed it.

He even helped push his own stroller. And even though he didn't sit in it, it wasn't a total waste to have. We had that thing piled up with all our stuff.

He was all smiles the whole time.

Even though I'm pretty sure he was getting tired.

Anthony was also a hit with all the ladies working the show. Seemed like every time I turned around some pretty girl was talking to him.

Anthony and I thought this would be a really cool farm truck for Todd. It even has a nice big backseat for the two car seats.

He wanted an up close look at the Audi's. He has good taste in cars already.

Yes, I let him crawl on the floor. Don't judge me. He was being good, and the carpet looked pretty clean.

Auntie NayNay giving him a piggy back ride.

Here he is again in the mini cooper.
And this is the SUV that I liked the best. The Volvo XC90
This SUV was awesome, along with all the luxuries you expect with a fully loaded SUV it also had a Navigation system, rear entertainment DVD with two lcd screens behind both front seat headrests, and a refrigerator in the center console between the two front seats. How cool is that? You know for milk or yogurt for the kid(s), or diet coke for me. Oh and it also got the #1 safety award something or other too. Look how roomy it is inside, I really want this SUV!
My second choice was the Audi Q7, but I didn't get any pictures of it.

Here is Anthony all tuckered out as we headed into the restaurant around 10pm to eat dinner.
Here he is with his cousin-in-law, Leah. They didn't get to hang out and play much, but I think they would have had a lot of fun together if they had.


Kristin said...

that SUV is nice! i want an SUV so bad, but I have zero reason for one...yet!! :) haha the pictures of him in there literally made me laugh out loud! he is so cute! and he really does have good taste in cars! :) you're raising him up good! haha

Tina in CT said...

Very cute pictures!

I am SHOCKED that they had Volvo and Audis at the car show in Detroit as I figured only American made vehicles would be there since it's in the heart of the US car industry. Where I live, there are Audi and Volvos everywhere. One of my friends has the Volvo SUV that is a few years old and she loves it.

From your pictures, it does not look like large crowds were attending.

I read (and saw) on Rachel's blog about the baby blanket that she made for your new daughter. Is her name going to be Bella? Anxiously awaiting to see pictures of the new nursery when you have it completed.

You were lucky that Anthony was such a trooper last night.

E.B. in Tennessee said... the pictures, especially the one with his tongue sticking out! Such a little ham!

Natalie said...

He LOVES cars! What a nut case, you better watch that he doesnt try to get close to them when they are in the driveway! Dont want him to get swuished.
Tina - the auto show has all makes and models, but you aren't supposed to look at them, only the american ones:) Afterall, that is what makes detroit thrive.

Rachael said...

So are you going to get one?

(Also...did Nat try to keep you away from the Volvos and Audis?)

Francie said...

Tony is a hottie!!! Can't wait to see what Bella looks like! Oh, and can you schedule your birth for a weekend so I can be there! I don't wanna have to miss it all because I'm at work! Thanks!

Mandy Lou said...

So cute - it looks like it was fun! We've been pondering going down, but wasn't sure if it would be worth it with all the changes.

PrincessGreen17 said...

Lol, his face in the first picture says it all! I'm glad it was so worth it to keep him up, I bet he's going to want to go back next year. That Volvo SUV does look awesome!

Paula said...

So cute to see Anthony exploring all of the cars. He looks like he had a great time.
Hannah didn't walk until 13-14 months and of course I had the moms who would come up and say "Oh, my little so and so walked at 9 months". Like you said, it doesn't matter, they all do in their own time.

Amy said...

So he's a car guy already, huh? He is so cute! It looks like you guys had a great day.