Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Off the hook

Okay so I am not running the Chicago half marathon this September after all. I swear I don't know what I was thinking when I decided this would be fun. But since it was sort of my idea, and then I roped several people into doing it with me, I knew there was no way out. It was all fun in the beginning, 3 miles today, 2 miles tomorrow then rest a day or two and run 5 on the weekend. As the mileage increased and the summer got hotter and hotter, I soon grew tired of the rigid schedule I was committed to and started to think of how I could get out of this race without looking like a quitter. I had the same feelings back in 2002 when I was training for my full marathon with my sister Rachael. We were following the same training schedule, so we were sort of training together, except that I was living in WA and she in MI. I remember thinking when the training got hard and I wanted to bail that a broken leg wouldn't be so bad or even a mild sprain would probably be enough to get me out of it. I even thought about just pretending I had a broken leg, since I was half way across the country and she'd never know. You know these are just the thoughts that would run through my mind during a 18 or 20 mile run. I never followed through with my plan, and I did run the marathon, but whew, it was tough. Anyhow, since we live in the same state now, faking a broken leg isn't exactly possible, and a real broken leg would be a much bigger hardship than running a half marathon, but I did end up getting pregnant and that is what got me off the hook this time.
There it's official, I put it in writing. Now you all know for sure. I thought my sneaky little header change would throw some people off, and actually I thought it would take quite a while before people even noticed the subtle little change of words, but I was wrong, you guys are quick. Some people may not think that a blog is a proper way to inform people, especially family, that you are having a baby, but since when do I do things the proper way. So I apologize to anyone that was offended by finding out via the blog. Honestly though, word travels really fast in my family, and secrets even faster, so I was sure everyone knew from my side of the family. I also discovered that as fast as news travels in my family, I think it might travel even faster in Todd's family.
I am 10 weeks pregnant and our official due date is March 27. March also happens to be the end of Todd's off season and the beginning of his working season, so it wasn't exactly good timing for that reason, but we will make it work. Being the educated people that we are, we can't honestly say it happened accidentally without looking stupid, but lets just say we definitely were not trying and we will for sure remember this and be more careful with planning should we decide to have or not have another baby.
Tony and the little baby will be just 16 months apart. Some people think that is crazy and a lot of work. My mom thinks it's genius, she intentionally had her kids close together so that they would have a play mate. I'm sure there are tons of pro's and con's to having babies close together, and I'm not sure which list is longer, or whether I agree with the people who think this is crazy or my mom who thinks it's a smart idea, but it doesn't really matter at this point, it's a done deal.
So there you have it, I have officially spilled the beans all over the floor. I have really enjoyed reading all your comments, some more blunt and inquisitive than others, but all fun to read. I just have one little request, if you leave an annonymous comment because you don't have a blogger account, please leave your name, otherwise I have to try to guess who you are and I may be guessing wrong. Don't make me start calling you out on it. ;)

PS In case your wondering, I didn't really get pregnant just to get out of the race, I am still running, just not as far. More like 3-5 miles a few times a week. I actually kept training for several weeks after I found out, but when I went to my first doctor appt they said NO, and who am I to argue with a doctor. They have a 5K in Chicago the same day as the half marathon which I am considering doing, but we will see.

PSS Yeah, we're happy about it.


CATHY said...


Congrats to you and your new addition, even if she or he isn't here yet. I noticed your little caption on your header right away. I have been working on my header, trying to change it, thanx to your sister, Rach, I did it. I was admiring her work with yours and the other ones she does and noticed your comment.I had to hurry and read the post to see if I understood it correctly, I did. So congrats again. I think the baby will be lucky to have great parents and an adorable big brother.

Natalie said...

Nice Lor, see, I knew from the start I could never go through with it, no matter how much I thought I could at the time. I have just come to terms with being a quiter for my own good:) Congrats on the baby, Im so excited for you. I hope it's a girl so that you at least get one of each. And we keep saying Leah needs a girl in the family to play with when you come this way for visits.

~ V ~ said...

What a horrible, rotten, terrible, totally ridiculous way to announce such a momentous occasion! Whoever heard of someone doing such a thing? ;-)

I didn't notice the header since my lovely dial-up doesn't usually load all the pics before I'm done reading a post.

Congratulations! I'm sure Tony will just love having a playmate so close in age even if people think that you are crazy.

Elle J said...

I'll say it again, Congratulations!! :) Children are a gift, regardless of the age span between siblings, so count your blessings and don't think too much about pro/con. Tony as a big brother ... how cool!

Denise said...

Congratulations! My sister and I are 15 months a part... and yes, I can list both pro's and con's to being that close in age! Tony will love having a playmate. We tried to have our kids closer together in age but hey, we're not the ones in control!

Rachael said...

You're off the hook, I'm off the hook. Works for me!

P.S. I wouldn't put it past you to get preggers just to get out of a race! Esp. after that "maybe I'll fake a sprained ankle" debacle.

P.S.S. Remember when I asked you if you'd rather push another baby out or run another marathon (while you were pushing a baby out...yeah, sorry about that.) Well, I guess you'd rather have the baby than do a 1/2, so that answers that!

Paula said...

First of all...HUGE Congrats!! I'm so happy for you!
OK, now we all know its easier (and more fun) to get pregnant that to break your leg :)
I'm glad for you that you don't have to run the whole race. Marathons seem like pure torture to me. I'm sure it is very rewarding to finish one, but as a person who hates to run I can't even fathom running that far :)
I agree with your mom, I think having kids close in age is the way to go. My older daughter was an only child and it was rough on her and us as parents. you and I are going to be in the same boat. Hannah and Bella will be 13 months apart.

Sarah said...

Thank you for clearing that up!! I noticed your header change but it was right when you posted about the rottweiler puppy, so I thought maybe you were referring to her as the sibling... so I didn't say anything... but I'm kind of relieved that you don't think of the dog as Tony's sister... and SUPER excited for you!!

Tina in CT said...

Your mom and I were talking today about your big news and she is so excited. We had a FABULOUS day together and it was so much fun. The only sad part was that Diane had to work and couldn't be with us.

Again, my congrats to you!

Shannon said...

Okay, is Rachael Pregnant too? Your off the hook... She's off the hook... What got her off the hook?

Kristin said...

yay yay yay!!! so how long until people at work know?!!? am i the only work related person that knows?!?!

and yes, we get 0 clinical time compared to other schools which I hate. That was part of the reason I was so super excited about working ER and why I'm always up in everyones buisness when someone new comes in! :) haha

anyway! I'm very excited for your new baby! funny how thais had just asked you about that too!! you knew then didn't you!?!!? ;)

Kristin said...

oh and yes, girl b. def not ready for marriage even tho she's like 26...you would never know it! haha

Shanna said...

Congrats! My boys are 15 months apart and even though we had some rough patches, it is so nice to see them playing and entertaining each other. I am 8 weeks pregnant and plan on announcing to some on my blog. I see nothing wrong with it!

Mandy Lou said...

Ha - I should have read the more recent post (but that whole mani-pedi thing was just too funny)!

Congrats!!!! Can't wait to hear more :-)

E.B. in Tennessee said...

Congrats, Lori!!!
You know, you did have me a little confused when I saw the new heading. I looked back through several posts to see if I missed something. I even thought you might be referring to a new puppy for Tony, since you recently posted something about that...lol!
Can't wait to hear more updates :)
God bless you and your growing family! I'll be praying for you to have a smooth pregnancy.

Shanna said...

Yes, you know my secret! Is it strange that I have told complete strangers and not my closest friends? I am just odd that way I guess!

BabyMakes4 said...

a week without the internet and this is what i come back to?! wow! congrats, lori!! I'm so excited for y'all!!

BTW, I just found that one of my friends (who has a six month old) is pregnant with triplets! You're just having one, right?

cancersucks said...

Congrats! My first two are 16 months apart and so close. It's just a little more tiring in the beginning- but life long buddies and easier close together. Just make sure you get a baby bjorn for the baby and you are good to go. Hope you are feeling well.

CM said...

Congrats! How wonderful! My 3 kiddos are close in age and I wouldn't have it any other way. Having kids spread out (in my humble opinion) is a lot more work because you have them going through completely differant phases. We just got done with diapers this summer and although we had 6 years of nothing but diapers, it was a continuous 6 years instead of 3 years skip 4 then another 3 years.

Oh yeah, and don't they call this Irish Twins?

PrincessGreen17 said...