Friday, September 19, 2008

Basement Report

Yesterday the water restoration company came out and verified that indeed our carpets were soaking wet, and went ahead and sucked out what they could and then set up fans under the carpet. They plan to return on Monday to see if things are dry yet. Todd brought over two great big industrial size fans to help as well. By Monday things will be dry, (hopefully) and then they can clean the carpets and hopefully get out all the stains the furniture left.
We have an adjuster coming out today to tell us for sure whether or not our problem will be covered under the insurance policy. He pretty much already told us it doesn't sound like it, and tried to get us to just let him write it off without coming out, but Todd insisted he come out. So keep your fingers crossed.
Last night around 9:15 pm our power went out. No biggie right? Wrong. Since our sump pump is still pumping out water by the bucketfulls, we knew it would only be a matter of time before the basement started to fill up again with the power out. I lit the one candle I could find and sent Todd to Lowe's to get a battery for the sump pump and some flashlights. Meantime while he was gone, Tony woke up and started crying (thanks to Brewster barking), so I had to take care of him in the dark. He has been teething this week and has his first cold, so he hasn't been sleeping well and any little noise wakes him up and then he remembers that he doesn't feel well and wants to be held.
By the time Todd got home at 10:15 or so, we went to assess the basement situation, now that we had flashlights, only to discover that we again had about 3 inches of water in our sump pump room, and it was spreading into the other rooms with the carpet. Since he wasn't able to get a battery to back up the sump pump and the power was still out, he was going to go to the farm to get the farm's pump and pump it out that way, meanwhile Tony was still awake and showing no signs of going to sleep, so I took him over to Grandma's to spend the night so I could help Todd with the water mess.
Shortly after that, the power came back on and the pump started working again. But now I think I need to call the water restoration people to come back out and suck up the carpet again.
What a mess, could anything else go wrong??

Oh yeah it can, the cable went out last night. We saw the cable truck outside our house working on it, and Todd went out to talk to him, and told him the power had been out, causing our basement to flood for the second time this week, and now we finally got it all straightened out and he just wants to lay in bed and watch football, and he can't even do that! The cable guy assured him it would be on soon, but we woke up without cable. Fortunately it's on now so I am not stuck at home all day without cable or internet.


Shannon said...

I can't believe how much trouble you are having with your sump pump. I would have already called an attorney by now. Or at least the Attorney General's to complain that a company is gouging the public by selling an over priced product by "selling" the warranty; while knowingly, they will not honor it because no one checks the fine print to see that you must renew it yearly.

Hope the insurance adjuster has a way to fix this for you.

Natalie said...

That is miserable! Hate to say it, but I am glad I don't have to deal with that. We lost power the other night too, we had to go to bed early cause we had nothing else to do. There was no wind or rain and the whole block was out. I'm just glad I'm a procrastinator, or the kiln would have been going.

Rachael said...

Wow, Lor, that really sucks.

Nat: you didn't run the kiln?! Oh, well, I guess it's for the better.

Paula said...

Gosh, what a week your having.
The same thing happened to us one year. We were all happy that the sump pump was getting rid of all the water and then the power went off and we almost flooded. We went out and bought a $700 generator so that that doesn't happen again.
I'm sorry your having to deal with all of this on top of having a teething boy.

Elle J said...

I'm sorry to hear the problems are still going ... I hope this is the end for you and things start looking up soon.

Tina in CT said...

What a week!

Amy said...

Well, at least now I know why you couldn't go in to work the other night! I ended up working 11p-7a for Janice, and she really owes me now! (I 'll call you later and tell you why)

E.B. in Tennessee said...

Oh, goodness! I am so sorry for all the trouble you are having. Hey, it could only get better, though, right?
And by the way -- I am so glad you're not a GA Tech fan! But I would still love you if you were...although it would be tough ;)
Hope little Tony is getting over his cold and hope y'all are having a better week! God bless y'all :)

Kristin said...

:) yes yes! feel free to share!! what is her blog?!!?