Friday, July 18, 2008

quick update

Just in case you all are wondering what we are up to down in OK (mom, Shannon and Francie) we are doing well. Trying to stay cool as best we can. It is so hot down here. Rachael and I are a bit overwhelmed with all the non stop of the kids, both of us are so ready for a break from the kids, so this afternoon we are going to the movies, Dad gets to go see a kids movie with the 4 kids and Rachael and I are going to see Mama Mia with Tony. It shows during his naptime, so hopefully he will sleep through the whole thing. It's a musical and he sleeps with music so I'm hoping it will all work out fine.
Then tonight we are having dinner up on the hill with the whole C********* family. Should be fun.
We aren't blogging much because we have very little down time to do so. At the beginning of the trip we had way more energy, so when the kids were being good watching a movie in the room or Tony was napping, we would blog a bit to catch you all up. Now, what little free time we have we are too tired to blog. Yesterday while Rach's kids were at the water park and I was at the hotel with Tony so he could nap, I was tempted to blog, but after about 5 minutes decided to nap too.

Oh and this morning while I was showering and getting dressed I saw what suspiciously looks like a roach in the bathroom. Hmm, the Hampton inn is definitely no Marriott by a long shot, but a roach?? I am tempted to complain and see where it gets me, Rach said she found one in her room too.

Actually the Hampton Inn is a rather nice hotel, but after staying at the Marriott with bell boys and room service and concierge service and you know all the amenities that come with a 4 star hotel sort of spoiled us. Even the kids are spoiled. When we got here they started complaining about the stuff that wasn't as great as the Marriott, like the pool for starters.


Paula said...

It does sound like an exhausting trip. The HEAT makes it even more tiring. Maybe you can get another freebie on account of the roach :)

Natalie said...

Not much fun when you are tired and sick of watching kids. hopefully though this movie will give you the much needed break. After all you're both moms, where it would take me at least a day away from kids to make me feel better, you guys only need a few hours to recharge. I thought for sure you guys must have started driving back since you weren't blogging as much. Why did you not mention me? Am I the only one not calling you guys every day? I wanted to yesterday, but I couldn't find my cell phone or any of the 4 cordless phones in my house. Good thing there was no emergency.

Tina in CT said...

A roach! Yuk! I think you should complain about what you and Rachel both saw and go for a free room. You have nothing to lose by trying.

I am sure the constant togetherness along with the high heat and humidity has worn you both down.

When do you start driving back home?

Muddy said...

I would complain. They do have a guarantee that you can look at here

We once complained about one of the rooms we stayed in and they did comp our night's stay.

Cecelia said...

Glad to hear that you are all doing fine. Sounds like you are having lots of fun. When are you coming to visit me? I'm feeling neglected.

Tina in CT said...

Did Todd think that Tony had changed much during the week that he was gone?

Starfish said...

You know, I said I wanted to be an honorary sister in your family, but I think it would be too exhausting. You guys do so much together!! (it's really great).