Monday, July 14, 2008

Kid swap

Since I took Rach's kids to the pool this morning so she could blog, I mean watch Tony during his nap, I didn't have the luxury of blogging about our adventures yesterday. But it was a fun and interesting day, and she writes better than me anyway, so if you want to read about it, head over to her blog.


Natalie said...

You gave up your one baby for 4 wild kids?

Shannon said...

Seems kind of like an unfair swap. Does this mean your blog will be more interesting tomorrow and hers will be pointing in your direction?

Cecelia said...

I wish you had stopped at the two houses on the opposite side of the street. The ones where Ben and Stacy lived and Linda and Lisa. I bet their parents still live there. I wonder if Donald's parents still live there? You should have gone over to see Francie and Pat on Plymouth Lane. She would love to see you guys.