Monday, July 7, 2008

My Six

Everybody's doing it, and I am a follower at times, so I have been pondering over my six for a few days now. My six words to sum up my life that is. Which is really quite hard to do. I thought I had it figured out yesterday when I gave my cousin wrong directions to my house. The sad part is that she was coming from the next town and I have made that drive at least a hundred times in the past year. So yesterday I was sure that this was my six:

Blond at heart, striving for brunette

The blond at heart is pretty self explanatory after my little intro. I am always saying and doing things that are stereotypically blond things to do. The striving for Brunette, is because I swear I don't do it on purpose and I hate that I often say things without thinking first, get lost going everywhere, including home, and would embarrass myself miserably if I were ever on Jay Leno's Jay walking where he stops random people and asks them questions that everyone should know.

Then this morning I was going for my run, while looking at Tony's cute little baby feet, I was also thinking about my six. I was pretty sure I was sticking with the six above, but was trying to come up with a more clever way to say the same thing, and then I remembered I have a hair appointment today to get highlights. I thought that was ironically funny. I used to have highlights, but have gone back to my natural brown for the past 2 years. I decided that my blond behavior is more acceptable when I actually have blond hair.

And then... track 12 of my running CD that my friend made me started playing. I have no idea what song it is, she burned the CD from her itunes and it doesn't give song names, just track #'s. It starts out... Life is good, I can't complain... I mean I could but no one would listen. I decided that was a much more fitting six. I really do have a good life, a perfect husband, (he tells me this all the time) an almost perfect family (just kidding ya'll) and a perfect baby (confirmed by his pediatrician). I have everything I need. Of course there are plenty of things I want, this currently being at the top of my list.

Seriously though, I really have been blessed with a good life which I am so thankful for, and pray that it continues, because hopefully I have a lot more life to live.

So it was settled, my new six would be...

Life is good, I can't complain

But I do complain a lot, about little non important stuff, so maybe it should be, life is good, I shouldn't complain.

Then I heard another song on the radio and contemplated changing my six to...

...I got it from my mamma

(just kidding)

So not to put too much more thought and effort into finding six words to summarize my life my final six will be....

Life is good, I can't shouldn't complain

So go ahead and take the challenge and try to find your six. If you want to see what my sisters and mom picked for their six go here: Rachael, Shannon, and Mom.

By the way, if you do it be sure and leave me a comment so I can go read it.


Rachael said...

See! You figured out the strike thing. That was very brunette of you.

Good six, and that pool ROCKS! I hope you get it someday. You know I'll be over.

Tina in CT said...

The pool is beautiful and I love the masonry. My friend had a very similar one and the only drawback was that you could not swim very far because of all the curves and the stairs taking up room at the end (instead of their being located on the side by the spa). It was hard to do laps.

Paula said...

Love your six. I guess I'm blond at heart because I've never figured out the strike thing. Can you or Rach tell me how you did that!
I'm with you on the pool. It looks so inviting but it woould never work with our Tahoe winters unless it was indoors....hmmmm

Denise said...

This was hilarious... but it did remind me of your "flight of ideas" post! I'm thinking of my six!

Shannon said...

So, if we had been twins would it be my hair or yours? And, did your walk inspire a new hair appointment?

You did kina cheat on this one didn't ya? (you technically listed 12). I think they are perfect though.

Mandy Lou said...

That's a great six - probably words for everyone to live by! But it's easy to get caught up in the wants instead of the needs. Also, please call when you get the pool - I'll invite my self over :-)

Francie said...

"I got it from my momma"?!?
That is hillarious! Either way, I like the your final 6.

Tina in CT said...

Have fun with Rachel and the 5 kids on your road trip!