Monday, April 23, 2012

Braving Kherson Alone

Here I am in Kherson all by myself with Leo.  Well, I would by lying if I said I was totally by myself.  We've been traveling with Jake and Judi from day 1, and Jason who is here for trip #2 to pick up his daughter,  and arrived in Kiev the day we boarded the train to Kherson.  We have all been hanging out, commiserating together ever since.  Jake has a blog which is very entertaining to read.  If you want to follow along, go HERE.

Sunday was another good day.  For the sake of the children some things are better left unsaid, but all in all it was a good day.  I spent some more quality time with Anya.  She is such a sweetie, and I am so proud of her attempts at speaking English.  I can already see a big difference in her in just a few short days.  Every night she sends me a text before heading to bed.  2 nights ago it was "Good night mama, your the best.  Thank you for everything." (translated from Russian of course).  Last night it was, "Good night mama, when will I see you tomorrow? miss."

 It's a totally different experience for me visiting with Anya than Jake and Judi with their new son Vova.  He is younger and into sports, games, friends etc.  So they always appear to be having a blast.  Anya is more low key.  She has just one friend, Suzanna, that she has introduced me to, and her boyfriend Sasha.  I spend a lot of time hanging out with her in her bedroom.  Her bed is incredibly uncomfortable,  I know so because I took a nap on it yesterday with Leo.

Dinner at the John Howard Irish Pub has become routine to us.  The food is good and cheap!  I can't complain, however the vegetarian selections are slim.  Last night I ordered a pasta dish with chicken in it, and I tried to tell her "nyet masa" which means no meat.  And she said in english, "excuse me?".  Apparently being a vegetarian isn't so common around here, nor is altering the menu to have it your way!

Today we move again to another apartment, one where we can all be closer together.  It is brand new, so hopefully it will be clean and I'm praying for a washer.  I have no clean clothes left, and my slumlord took my laundry 3 days ago and has yet to return it.

Today is Monday, and our plan is to approach the director again today to request his signature on our documents so we can get this show on the road!  Pray for us all here in Kherson!

Todd made it home safe and sound!  Being here without him leaves me in charge of the money, which I'm sure has him worried sick.  He would be proud of me though.  Yesterday I exchanged $200 us dollars for 1600 Ukrainian grevna's.  (8 grevna's = $1).  So you have tons of grevna's but they aren't worth much.  All day I felt like I was going through money fast, but after counting my grevna's last night I did pretty good.  I had lunch for 2, dinner for 1, bought 15 ice cream bars, a bag of oranges and banana's for Anya and Suzanna from the market, 3 bottles of water, a few groceries for my apartment and taxi fare all for $50.  


Annie said...

Are you able to take Anya away from the orphanage? Or not?

I can see just hanging around there might get pretty boring! Maybe you could go to the art room and do some crafts?

I'm bored FOR you! But, I bet Leo is a hit!

Annie said...
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Rachael said...

Anya's texts are so sweet. Nick does the same thing. We started that in Ukraine, texting goodnight and now he still does it at home.

Good luck today with both director and with getting your clothes back!

Tina in CT said...

How fortunate for all of you parents that you are there together.

You sure did well for $50.

Hopefully your clothes will be back today and that your new apt. has at least a washer.

Hoping the signature comes today.