Tuesday, May 26, 2009

This, that and some pictures

Yesterday was my 32nd birthday. Turned out to be a really nice and relaxing day. The kids were extra good and took really long naps. I guess they aren't too young to give me a gift after all.

We had a lot of family over for a cookout and made burgers (real and veggie). Rachael made strawberry pie for me instead of a cake at my request. It was so good. My mom was here for the occasion, she was stopping by for a day on her way home from OKC.
They good news in OKC is my Grandma Annie is doing so much better. She got transferred to rehab today where they will work her 3 hours a day to get back her strength. I am really hoping she does well. She has a big church family and they have made a sign up sheet so that people can take turns sitting at the hospital with her so she isn't alone all day which I am so thankful for. Tony being patriotic on Memorial Day.

Grandma making Bella smile. Yes she can smile now, started doing that around 6-7 weeks old. I am already slacking on the baby book. I don't even have one, I really need to get one before she grows up and I forget all this stuff. This is how Bella sleeps, all swaddled up. You may laugh, as most of my family did when they saw her like this, but she sleeps through the night so it's not that funny. Last night was her record sleep of 10 hours straight! 10pm till 8am.
Tony doesn't like to eat with bibs on anymore so this is the type of mess I get to deal with 3 times a day.

Bella sleeping in the stroller while Tony plays at the park.

Getting dizzy with daddy at the park.
More fun at the park.
Watching for "da-da"
Trying to wear "da-da's" shoes.
Bella having a bad hair day.
2 months old
Anthony is into everything these days.
Bella and Da-da.


Julie said...

Those pictures are so precious. Her hairdo is lovely. Doesn't look like she even needs hair gel or spray. Lucky girl. Tony's pictures make me think of Leah, she is doing the exact same things. A real messy busy body.....

Tina in CT said...

Love the static bad hair day pictures! Priceless!

Boy, does Bella look like her brother!

So glad your mom could be with you on your birthday.

That strawberry pie looks fantastic.

Glad that bundling Bella works so she sleeps. How did you come across that?

Francie said...

Cute pics Lor! Glad you posted them! I'll have to get copies. I think Bella's hair is so cute! And I'm glad she finally likes me holding her now!

Rachael said...

Great pictures, Lor. I like the ones of Tony with the flags and Tony with his John Deere hat especially. Remember when Francie's hair used to stand up straight like that when she was a toddler?

Natalie said...

Oh my goodness, Bella's hair was really bad that day! lol. it is an adorable picture! Happy birthday. I just bought my ticket. I will get there at 11:30 and leave tuesday at 4 something. see you not this friday, but the next!

Elle J said...

Every! Single! Picture! Is! Adorable!
Thanks for posting, these made me smile. :)

Sarah said...

Tony is SO cute!!!

Paula said...

Glad to hear that Bella is sleeping well for you. We swaddled our Bella too and she was a good sleeper too...maybe its something about the name Bella! Anthony is looking very grown up lately. Happy belated birthday you youngin you!

PrincessGreen17 said...

Happy Birthday! I enjoyed looking at the pics, thanks for posting them!

Shanna said...

Wow, I am just amazed at how long she sleeps at night! I thought I was good with 4 or 5 hours before he wakes up!! Great pictures and you look great.

For some reason I had you pegged at much younger.

Kathy said...

Love the pic of Tony with the flag!