Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Grandma Annie

My Grandma Annie is in the hospital right now, she had a car accident yesterday and now has a subdural hematoma which is causing pressure in her brain. Thankfully she is still neurologically intact, but that could change at any time. The neurosurgeon is recommending surgery to evacuate the blood, but my grandma is scared and doesn't want the surgery. She wants to take the wait and see approach, which is rather risky. At anytime her condition could rapidly deteriorate and then make what was considered a simple surgery, a much more serious one. They are going to repeat the CT scan in the morning and if there is no improvement then we are really going to push her to do the surgery. The problem is, with my grandma you can't push too hard or she will get mad, and you definitely don't want to make my Grandma mad, cause she is so stubborn and that will make her do the exact opposite of what you want her to do. That's just the way she is, her mom was like that too, and my mom will probably be the same way too, I think it's a hereditary trait. I wonder if I have it too and just don't know it yet.

We hadn't seen our Grandma in many years, I guess you could say we are bad grandkids for not making the effort to go see her more often. Last summer Rachael and I decided it had been long enough, and we took a vacation down there with our kids to see her. We had such a good visit with her that this summer all 6 of us kids and my mom are planning on going back for a week in July. I hope she can pull through this so we all get to go and spend more time with her. I know my grandma can't live forever, and I just don't want to have any regrets for not making time to visit her. So please keep her in your prayers.

Here are a few pictures from last summer.

Ridding the trolly at Frontier City with Kristen and Jack

At the zoo we rented a W/C so she wouldn't have to walk so much. It worked out well cause she could hold Tony on her lap too.


Rachael said...

You explain it so well. I think you and I are genetic mutants, but you never know...we're probably just like them and we just don't know it yet! I hope she's okay. I really want to be able to see her again this summer. I'm so glad we went last summer though -- it was such a good trip.

Kristin said...

I am praying for your grandma! Hope her stubbornness makes her pull thru and beat the odds!

Tina in CT said...

I just read your mother's blog and am so glad that she and your uncle consented to the surgery. My thoughts have been with your family all day.

I cannot see your mother turning stubborn at all. I don't think that gene attached to her genetic make-up.

Shannon said...

You and Rachael probably ARE genetic mutants. Too bad she came first and was greedy though. JUST KIDDING!

I sure hope she pushes through and we all get to see her in July.