Friday, August 22, 2008

Helping to spread the love!

My sister Rachael has an ETSY store where she makes and sells the cutest little things, mostly purses and wristlets, but lately she has branched out into pottery as well. My other sister Natalie is the pottery artist (with an ETSY store of her own) who has created most of the pottery pieces. I think she started this ETSY store to make some extra cash for herself, but somehow, it turned into a charity store. Since she adopted a little girl from Russia a year and a half ago, she has a soft spot for the orphans left behind still in Russia. Last year she made Christmas extra special for the children in one orphanage in Russia, and this year she plans to do it again, hopefully at 2 different orphanages. She did a really good job of telling the stories on her blog, so I will just give the links here and you can go read them. I have put her ETSY store on my sidebar so scroll through and have a look, and don't hesitate to buy, it's for a good cause.

Here is Katya, her Russian daughter, modeling an apron for the ETSY store. One of the items from her store, it says coffee in Russian.

Okay, here is the links you should check out:

The store: Simple Wishes

Rachael's post about the Simple Wishes grand opening, and how you can win a free gift from the store.

Last Christmas, Rachael's friend Kate, who lives in Russia, bought all the gifts and delivered them to the children, you can read about it HERE.

And last but not least, visit my sister Nat's ETSY store too, because she indirectly donates to Rachael's ETSY store by making, painting, and firing the pottery. So while her store is not all for charity, it does help pay for the pottery and supplies she donates to the simple wishes ETSY store.


Rachael said...

Does this mean you're entering the contest?

Thanks for posting about this!

(BTW -- I do HELP with the pottery. Have you seen the mess of ceramic supplies cluttering my kitchen counter?)

Natalie said...

I don't mind painting for Rachael's store. I actually like it. I love reading all the comments about how people like them. And I have learned so much. With each new set of pieces, they get better. Better designs, thicker bisque, better color combinations, etc. PS, the mug you made, I fired last night, it's really cute, I will bring it this weekend.

Paula said...

I bought a little dish from Nats store. Its the cutest little polka dot thing that I use for salsa.

Mandy Lou said...

How great - the stuff is so cute! I'll have to send this to my friend, she has two adopted children from Russia, she'll love it!

E.B. in Tennessee said...

I actually bought one of your sister Natalie's ceramic cupcakes -- I love it! I'll have to visit Rachael's site. Your family is very talented :)
By the way, I have something for you on my blog.