Friday, August 29, 2008

Another Baby in the Family

The other day Lisa went to pick up her new puppy. She brought Janice and I along (which meant Tony had to come too) to keep her company during the 3 1/2 hour drive and to help her make her finale selection. Even though we didn't get to help much. She had 3 female pups to choose from and she didn't pick Janice's or my favorites, but that's okay, because it is after all her dog. It was still fun to ride along and see all the cute little Rottweiler puppies.
I was a bit surprised just how long it took to select the perfect puppy. We were there for 2 hours playing with the dogs. Well okay, to be fair Lisa only took an hour to pick out her puppy and the dog breeder took another hour going over the proper care of the new puppy. Lisa left with a big 3 ring binder packed full of CD's to listen to about raising/training the dog, and pages of instructions, references, certificates, and just about anything she could ever possibly need and then some. And of course the contract. Yes there is a contract involved in getting a puppy from this particular breeder. There are certain things you have to agree to, and one of the interesting clauses in the contract is that at any time she feels the dog is not being treated properly she has the right to repossess the dog. It all seemed a bit extreme to me, but I guess it's good to know the pup came from a good home. I'm pretty sure she got more instructions on the care of her new puppy than I did at the hospital when I had Tony. I also think, that if people were screaned and educated before being allowed to have babies as much as Lisa was to get a puppy, we'd have a lot less babies in the world.
Here's Lisa with the breeder and Tony playing with the pups.Taking a close look. The decision was hard, they were all so cute. Tony loved the little pups, they seemed to like him okay too, they climbed all over him.
The 3 she had to choose from.
It's a good thing they were all spoken for or I may have been tempted to bring one home too.
Every boy needs a puppy. Now we just have to convince his Daddy of that.

The lucky puppy, known as multi pink to the breeder. She named them by the color of their collars. I think Lisa is going to name her Emma.
When we got back to the farm we introduced her to Brewster. For the time being, Brewster is the big dog, but I'm sure that will only last a few weeks.
Brewster thinks of her more as a girlfriend/lover than a playmate. He kept wanting to hump her. We will have to work on that, but he is fixed so no worries its all safe.
Oh and in case anyone is wondering, these Rottweiler puppies are from Germany which makes them far superior to American bred Rottweilers (according to the breeder), because they are tested on many levels at the age of 2 (personality, temperament, health etc) before they are allowed to breed, which gives them very good odds of being a great dog. So I am not worried about little Tony being around a big Rottweiler dog. I think they will be just fine together, especially since they will grow up together. Both Tony and Emma get to go to grandma's during the day when their mommies are at work, so they will be spending lots of time together. I kind of feel sorry for Grandma right now, she has her hands full with a baby and a puppy.


Paula said...

Those pics of Tony with the puppies are too cute. I would have wanted to take one home too. I just can't resist puppies.
Sounds like a really smart breeder.

Elle J said...

Photo 6 is my favorite of your cutie with the puppy. Pure happiness there! And photo 8 is cool with the paw of the pup on your little one's chest. Looks like fast friends. :)

Tina in CT said...

What an adorable puppy. I love the puppy kisses photos with Tony. Sounds like a top notch breeder. I hope she trains much easier than my Liesel. I keep wondering when she'll stop using my floors as her bathroom. Tami nicknamed her the urinator.

Suzanne said...

getting a sibling? are you announcing something?

Kristin said...

the picture of tony with the puppy right up in his face loving him is SO so SO cute! you have an adorable boy!

Anonymous said...

yeah, spit it out are you announcing something?????

Anonymous said...

I was wondering how long it would take for people to find out, not long.

Tina in CT said...

Congrats! When is the big event?

PrincessGreen17 said...

How cute! Tony looks so happy with them! I think he does need his own dog. I guess I can see things from the breeder's point of view, a lot of people adopt dogs without really thinking it through, but I personally wouldn't sign anything that would let them "reposess" my dog at will! But I know I'm a good owner. :)

Shanna said...

Congrats (I was let in on the header from your sister)! I am newly pregnant and still training for my half marathon "jog". Are you still training?

Amy said...

Cute puppies!
I love the pictures of the one in Tony's face.
And it didn't take long for someone to notice your little "annoncement", did it?