Friday, June 20, 2008

Meet the cows

This is Molly.Jane. Lucy. (Lucy is Jane's daughter)
They've had 3 female longhorns for a few years now. They have a pretty good life for cows. They have more than enought room to roam and grass and hay to eat. There are no intentions to butcher them for meat. They even got a new barn built for them this year. They used to just have a little red shack of a barn for selter, but it was only big enough for 2 cows at a time. Jane and Lucy would always stay inside and leave Molly out in the cold. A few years ago Molly got really sick (probably from being out in the cold with no shelter) and had to have the vet come and see her and tranquilize her in order to give her antibiotics, but she recovered thankfully. I was so mad at those white cows, I think they were prejudice against Molly.
Recently they bought a bull with hopes that they will have some baby longhorns. We don't know for sure, but we think all 3 of the females are pregnant. They stay pregnant for 9 months just like humans so who knows when and if they are having babies. I don't know how you'd give a cow a pregnancy test.
Mountain Jack (bull)These chickens are the newest addition to the farm. They are too little to lay eggs yet, but it wont be long. I think they have a pretty good set up here in this new barn built just for them and the cows. I know they have a lot more room to roam than the comercial chickens that lay the eggs for the stores. Can you see the cow on the other side of the fence? Olivia (my friends daughter) is throwing pieces of bread down to the chickens.
She was having so much fun, I called to have Katya and Ben come over. I thought they would enjoy seeing the chickens and cows too.

Even Tony wanted in on the fun.
Here they are feeding bread to the cows, they are quite tame. Here they all are up on the hay.
Ben was a little afraid to feed the cows, Katya however was not the least bit scared (not surprisingly) she was reaching in to grab the horns. That little red shack is the only shelter they used to have before the new cow barn was built.
Olivia was even a little shy about feeding them. Katya had to refrain from taking the bread out of Olivia's hand and feeding the cows herself.
I think Ben and Olivia were a little annoyed by Katya's fearlessness. Of course it probably had something to do with the fact that Katya kept saying "why are you so scared? It's NOT scary"

Mountain Jack is a little scary if you ask me. I wouldn't feed him.


Rachael said...

I thought just the bulls (boys) had horns. I guess I don't really know that much about cows!

I think the kids had a pretty fun time.

Julie said...

I think we passed those cows on the freeway coming to Berrien tonight. They are pretty scary if you ask me. I also love the Fathers Day pictures. Was Anthony pulling on his daddy's face. Leah is always doing that to us and pulling on our blouses. They will have to have a play date. Sarah took Leah to her friends who is 10 days younger this week and they had a ball. Even shared pacifiers. Have fun with Anthony and all your new experiences.

Starfish said...

So cool you live on a farm - being a city girl I can't really grasp that concept. And I'm not sure but I THINK you check for pregnancy on a cow by UH, sticking your hand where the sun don't shine and feeling around for it - blech.

Shannon said...

Star Fish... You funny girl! That is how you fertilize a cow without a bull.

Lori, when did you get these farm animals? I never heard you talk about them before. Do you plan to collect those eggs for yourselves or are you going to sell them?

BTW, I wouldn't get near those cows. Way to scary for me.

Tina in CT said...

I would not want to do any of that hand sticking stuff. Yuk!

How great that the kids are able to get close up to feed the animals.

I also did not know that female cows had horns.

Paula said...

What a fantastic time for all the kids. Hands on with a cow. I LOVE those longhorns (I used to live in Texas). I bet that bull had some fun. That will be neat to see the calves.

Rachael said...

Hey: you probably just didn't write down today's run yet, BUT, just to let you know, I surpassed your mileage by a few tenths of a mile today! Not to rub it in or anything, but YOU are the one who mentioned being competitive and all! :)

PrincessGreen17 said...

Cool! The babies will be really cute. There are some longhorns on the drive to my parents house that I always try to get a glimpse of.