Tuesday, June 3, 2008

A little of this, a little of that

Baby Gap has the the cutest baby boy clothes. Last week I did a little online shopping for some summer clothes for Tony. This is one of his new little outfits. I learned my lesson last summer when I bought maternity clothes from Gap.com - Buy just a few items the first time around, because when they send you your order, they include a 10% off coupon for your next on line order. I have a whole shopping cart full in my account that I need to buy now that I have my coupon. It's kind of like online lay away. Every time I sit him on the couch for a picture he puts his arm out on the arm rest. A natural couch potato?
This was taken on my 31st birthday over the memorial day weekend. Yes, I am into my 30's now, which is a big difference from just being 30. I had a really good birthday as usual (I love birthdays, even if it means getting older) I went to Chicago with a group of friends for dinner and shopping and stayed overnight. It was my first 24 hours away from Tony. He did fine, but I missed him a lot. Then on my actual birthday I went over to my sister Rachael's house for dinner and birthday cake. Then we went over to Todd's cousins house for a cookout, not for my birthday, but for Memorial day, but they got me a cake so that was pretty cool. My mom wrote a very sweet birthday post over on her blog with some cute/some embarrassing pictures of me growing up. You can read it here if you like. Tony's shirt says "lil squash". Francie bought it for him from RachealRay.com last summer. Perfect for a future vegetable farmer don't you think?
This last weekend we finally got weather that feels like summer. I also realized that we have very few pictures of Todd or I with Tony. I frequently take pictures of Tony, but rarely with us. So this weekend before going to my cousins graduation party, we went outside and tried to take a few pictures. Problem was, we let the dog out with us, and Tony would never look at the camera, he was always looking at the dog.

Yes, he's looking down at Brewster here too.
Here he is in his new toy. It's a $40 well spent. I almost bought the $80 baby Einstein jumping thingy, but decided that he would probably like this just as much. Good call on my part. He loves it and I saved $40.
Head shot. Future Gerber baby?
So one of my friends mentioned that one of her friends works in marketing in Chicago and they are looking for a new Gerber baby. Age 6 - 9 months. I don't know much more about it and I'm not one of those crazy mom's that would go and get a modeling agent and market her kid. But if it were as easy as forwarding a picture of Tony to my friend who then forwarded it to her marketing friend and they just happen to agree that my baby is absolutely adorable, well then.... I'm willing to do that.
Here he is in his new little swim outfit. We haven't made it into a pool yet this year, but hopefully soon. I can't wait to see how he likes it.

Here he is with his daddy. Notice the drool on his chin? It's like a leaky faucet.
Love those little legs.
After several attempts at a self family picture, we gave up. This was the best of many. Pretty sad huh?
Tony checking out the Peonies.


Cecelia said...

I just cant believe that he is growing up so fast. His hair looks so much longer too. Cute, cute, pictures. I love my Tony!

Tina in CT said...

He's so darn cute! Love the one headshot.

Check of Gymboree. I was in the local store on Sat. and bought $300worth of stuff all on sale for Katya and Natalia. I love shopping for them and then I let Tamara know how much it came to and she transfers money to my Visa account. Nice deal, huh?

Gymboree has adorable baby to size 12 clothes. Right now what you spend goes towards Gymbucks which are redeemable starting July 17th.

Paula said...

He is a cutie pie. Love the little outfits. Those jumpers are great. We have one too.

PrincessGreen17 said...

Tony is sooo cute and happy! I think he could sell some baby food. That post from your mom was really sweet.

Rachael said...

he's such a cutie; you're right about the leaky faucet too!

Francie said...

He's so cute! And with him in that smiley stage, he'd be perfect for gerber!

Amy said...

I LOVE that picture of the 3 of you...even though your face is cut off. It looks like he is trying to bite your ear.
and he would be a great Gerber baby! I love the close up head shot. That is perfect to send to them.

Natalie said...

that is such a cute little guy! You look even skinnier than last time I saw you, is your diet working out better after my inspiration? not for me, I better step it up here.