Sunday, April 6, 2008

One Last Hoorah!!

Late Saturday afternoon Todd, Anthony and I headed into Chicago for a quick overnight trip. Apparently the farm season has officially started and there wont be anymore time for out of town trips of the sort. We really didn't do too much, it was just some good food (Italian, Thai, Starbucks and Coldstone Creamery) and then this morning we did some shopping on Michigan Avenue. Anthony is not as easy to take to dinner as he used to be. Every time we ate somewhere one of us ate while the other entertained Anthony, and then we'd switch. He wanted to be held and played with the whole time. We also realized that Anthony doesn't like it when I eat spicy food. I had Pad Thai for lunch and Anthony was fussy the rest of the day, didn't want to eat, but acted hungry. As soon as we got home I made him a bottle of frozen milk and he gulped it down. (Note to self made. (again))
We started our morning really early today thanks to Anthony waking up at 6am, so our shopping trip down Michigan Avenue was mostly window shopping, since most of the stores don't open until 11am on Sundays.
By the time the stores started to open we were just about done shopping. We did manage to go into the Disney store, I think Todd really wanted to buy Anthony something there. We passed the store twice and Todd mentioned going in there, so finally I agreed and we walked around the store trying to find something to buy. We finally decided that soon enough we would be drug in there by Anthony against our will and be forced to buy things for him. Until then, we will just enjoy our perfectly content baby who doesn't ask for anything.
Just when we were almost back to the condo empty handed I spotted the new Apple store, so we just popped in for a minute to browse. Then I found the Nike+ ipod. It is an adapter for your ipod (which I already have) and a chip you put in your shoe and the chip tracks your run (distance and pace) and transmits it to your ipod. Sounded really cool and it was only $30. Then I realized you have to have the compatible Nike+ shoes to go with it. Conveniently the Nike store was right next door, so Todd and I both got new running shoes. I'm pretty excited to try it out, new exercise stuff always makes exercise more fun (for a little while anyway). And I'm pretty sure I gained back those few pounds I lost last weekend when I was sick, so I really do need to get out there and run. I'm hoping the weather stays nice and I can start running outside.
Overall Anthony was pretty well behaved considering we didn't stick to his "schedule". And even though we didn't do much it was a nice little getaway. I wish we'd have done it more often this winter.


Rachael said...

Maybe I should buy new running shoes and an transmitter. Let me know if it motivates you! :)

Starfish said...

What will they think of next?!

The Disney store is more fun when they're older too. We went a few weeks ago and I thought seamonkey was going to pass out with all the stuffed Mickey's he saw. It was actually pretty funny because he calls Mickey "Ca-Ca" (we have no idea why and we don't encourage it) so you can imagine the looks we got when he entered the store and screamed it on the top of his lungs in his excitement!

Cecelia said...

It's hard to believe it's time for farming to start again. The winter really did go by rather fast. Glad to hear that little Anthony was a good boy. He is such a cutie.

Natalie said...

the ipod thing sounds really cool, too bad you have to have the nike shoes for it to work!

Amy said...

I miss the days of walking by a toy store without hearing "Mom! Can I have one of those?", or "I need that!" Just wait until he is old enough to take to Disney World. I just had an entire week of "Can I have that?" and "I want one of these", and (my favorite) "I only want this and I won't ask for anything else!" (yeah, right!)