Thursday, April 10, 2008

Anthony is 4 months now - Can you believe it?

Today we had Anthony's 4 month check up and the pediatrician confirmed what I have suspected all along. He is perfect. His words not mine. He now weighs 15 pounds 2 ounces and is 26 inches long. Following the growth curve nicely. I got the go ahead to start food whenever I want, but I don't think he is quite ready yet, so we will wait a little bit longer. I think he is content with just milk for now. I'd like him to be able to sit up a little bit more before we start with food.

Remember way back when Anthony was first born and I was saying how I can't ever get anything done around the house because he is so time consuming? Everyone told me not to worry about it, just rest and enjoy my baby, the house can wait. Well he is still very time consuming, and now that I am back to work, I have even less time to get things done. The laundry, the dishes the piles of mail and all the stuff that clutters my house is starting to drive me crazy. How long can I use the excuse of a new baby for my messy house? Is 18 years too long?

Tonight was challenging getting Anthony to bed, I wonder if it is because he missed his afternoon nap due to his doctors appointment or if it's from getting 3 shots in his legs. Either way it was a rough night. I finally got him to fall asleep in my arms after I swaddled him and rocked him standing up. Every time I tried to sit down he would wake up and cry, eventually I was able to sit down with him and watch American Idol.

He still hasn't rolled over yet, but he will roll onto his side from his back. The nurse told me that big babies take longer to roll over than little babies, but I reckon that excuse isn't going to fly with Rachael since both of her boys were off the charts and rolled over by 6 weeks. So my goal is to give (force) Anthony to have some tummy time everyday, like it or not.

Somehow we have managed to lose all of Anthony's bottles. How this happened I cannot for the life of me understand. We had 5 and now we have none. I think there may be one over at grandma's, but other than that the rest have oddly just disappeared. Today I bought 3 new ones, hopefully I can keep them until he outgrows the 4 oz size. We haven't lost any pacifiers though. We only have 2 and have managed to keep track of both of them.

Check back later, I plan on adding some new pictures to this post tomorrow.


Mandy Lou said...

Four months? Really? Doesn't seem that long! Bet it's good to get confirmation that he is indeed perfect :-)

On the housekeeping front, I don't even have a child to blame the state of my house on...

Rachael said...

MWAHAHAHAHAHA. Welcome to the dark, I mean, cluttered side. I am SO glad I can finally come over to your house without going home feeling like mine is a disgusting cluttered mess. Seriously, I used to do that. Every time we went to your house, I'd come home and start cleaning up clutter and saying things like "who lives like this!" And Derrick would say (calmly), "people with four kids live like this. Just wait. They'll have kids and clutter eventually."

And, I don't want to be the development police. No pressure here, OK? When Ben didn't walk til 16 months, it drove me crazy when people questioned it (since I knew perfectly well that he was PERFECT, just lazy about that one thing). Anthony will roll over some day.

Mob said...

Yea 4 months!
Definately the shots were the problem with the getting him to go to sleep. Hannah always needs Tylenol on those nights. I learned the hard way too.
I think that babies are just like us adults, they can't get good at something if they don't get lots of practice, so yes lots and lots of tummy time. I agree with Rachael, every kid does it in their own due time :)

Tina in CT said...

My daughter did not sit up or crawl until after my friends' children (she had been born 5 weeks premature) but walked at 13 months. I thought my daughter would never gain neck control of her wobbly head as an newborn. She went on to do very well so don't fret that he's not turning over yet.

Shannon said...

It has taken so long for you to finally have a house that drives you crazy that I thought it was just me that goes crazy over it. My house is so cluttery/messy more often then not that I just decided to admit that "I must live like this"! I used to not let people come over because I didn't have time to clean it. Now, anyone except mom can come over unannounced. It is definitely not dirty though. I manage to deep clean floors and bathrooms just about every week, but the every day stuff...mail, homework, laundry, clothes, toys, coffee cups... I just deal with it.

Starfish said...

Wow, that went fast,right?

Scoobers said...

I'm a wee bit late but four months already? It hardly seems that long ago you blog name changed from 'coming soon' to 'just arrived'.

He looks big and healthy and still so cute!