Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Facebook Posting with Recent updates

Tuesday I updated via Facebook because we were on the train:
For those of you wanting to know what's going on (since I haven't blogged for 2 days), i thought I'd give a short update on Facebook. I left off with our visit to see her sister Inna. The next day, (Monday), was a low key day of sight seeing. We visited Kherson's local amusement park, which is old and nearly isolated. The kids (Anya, Sasha and Kolya) bored quickly and wanted to go ice skating, I think because they were so hot and wanted to cool off. We got word that our train tickets were purchased and we would be leaving the next day. Hopefully with the passport we've been waiting for. But it did not arrive :(. They will send it to Kiev once it arrives. Meanwhile we will go to the US Embassy to start the process to get her visa to travel to the US, (she is not a US citizen until she arrives in the US). Knowing today was our last day in Kherson, it was an emotional day for Anya. I tried to distract her with some retail therapy at the market. Then we had to meet our facilitator for a signature she needed from me at the passport office, (and lunch of course!). Before dinner I gave Anya and Sasha money to go buy a coke and take a walk. When I met back up with Nathan and Christina for dinner, I sent Anya a text to see if they wanted to join us to eat. Of course she said no, that they were walking and taking pictures. Sasha got permission to stay out with us until we left on the train. It seemed like a drawn out good bye all day long, but at the train station it got really sad. I caught them both crying, and trying to hide their tears from me. I told Sasha I knew exactly how he felt, it was nearly 1 year ago exactly that I said good bye to Anya, not knowing if I would ever see her again. And then in a moment of weakness as my heart ached for Sasha's sadness, I promised him that he would see her again someday. He thanked me for that, and I think that put them both at ease and made the goodbye process a little bit easier. So in 1 year I will have to make good on my promise.

Tomorrow is another potentially emotional day. Her older brother and aunt are traveling to Kiev to say their good byes as well. So they say.

I can't wait to be home! I miss the rest of my family! Hopefully Friday!

Applied for Visa today at US Embassy. Probably the hardest thing I've done so far, because I had to go alone and the documents I filled out were a bit overwhelming. Thankful for my US citizenship today. It got me bumped to the front of the line in a roomful of people applying for visa's. If the passport arrives today we will be able to fly home Friday!

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