Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Lovin Cabo

Bella can pull herself up now. And thanks to my blog archives I can tell you that she did this one month sooner than her brother did.
Sunrise at the villa.

We've been in Cabo for 2 days now and I am loving the place were staying at. It is a house with a pool overlooking the ocean. The ocean is just a short walk down the driveway and your on the beach. The waves are too rough to actually get in the ocean, but we've been down to play in the sand. We were told there is a cove with calm waters for swimming just a few minute walk away, but we haven't explored that far yet.
The pool was nice and warm when we got here the first day, and the next morning it was BRRR cold, so the boys figured out that the heater was on a timer (probably to save the owners money) and they turned the timer off and turned the heat up. By the end of the day yesterday the pool was 95 degrees! It was so nice, but I made them turn it back down just a bit. We decided on 91.
At the end of the pool they have a "kiddie pool" which is really a hot tub with the heat off. We specifically asked if it was a hot tub and they said no, so we are guessing we aren't supposed to crank up the heat, but leave it to the boys to figure it out, we got that part up to 99 degrees.
They have a chef here that you can hire to come into the villa and cook for you but the prices are high so we planned on doing most of the cooking ourselves, but after the first trip to the groccery store and eating grilled ham and cheese sandwiches for our first dinner here, we decided we might want that cook after all. It also just so happens to be low season here, although I don't know why, it's perfect weather, but we haven't seen hardly anyone around, the beach is empty, it's like our own private vacation. So the good part of that is that we were able to work a good price out with the Chefs, and our second dinner her was way better, we had beef fajita's, fried rice, beans, fresh guacamole, and homemade salsa, (and they even made me a special vegetable stirfry without the meat). In Jamaica where I've been before and we have a cook, we buy the groceries and they cook the food. Here, they bring it all with them. It was really nice and stress free and so good. Way better then going to a restraraunt with 3 babies.

The kids are having fun, Bella and Tony are getting along with Taylor. They play together in the house with the very few toys we brought along. They all seem to like the tractors the best of all the toys, they usually fight for it. As for all the books we brought, they all seem to want the same book, a book that Taylor brought called "My little word book". They all 3 want to read it. So one book and a few tractors would have been suffice on the toys. Outside they are usually attached to an adult, but they all love the water.

Time change still hasn't kicked in yet, Bella starts our day at 6:30 and Taylor shortly follows, then Tony hears the two of them and wakes up too, and before long the whole house is up. We are usually done with breakfast and on the deck by 8:30. It's not bad though, cause it gets dark here early, usually by 6 the sun is set.

Anyway, speaking of Bella, she is sleeping in the laundry room, poor girl, but we have a 3 bedroom house, and Todd's mom came along to help with the kids so her and Tony are in one room, Brett and Jen and Taylor in another, and Todd and I were supposed to sleep with Bella, but Todd got the bright idea to stick her in the laudry room. Which actually is a good idea, but it kinda smells like detergent. Todd claims babies don't have a sense of smell like adults do so it wont bother her. I don't know if I believe that, but it is nice having her sleep there. His theory is based on the fact that they don't complain about a stinky diaper. So now it's a 3 bedroom villa with a bonus room!

Well I hear babies stirring so I better wrap this up. I hope you all appreciate the effort to blog, once you quit doing it, it's so much work!
Here are a few pictures, it takes a long time to upload them, so I just picked a few.

Tony's waterlogged toes.
Tony and Nana playing in the sand.
Todd in the "kiddie" pool with Tony and Bella.
Tony lovin on Bella at the hotel in Chicago the night before we left.


Jorden and Kristin said...

looks like a lot of fun lori! who is taylor?! when I read the "better then going to a restaurant with 3 babies" i thought you were referring to todd! haha
have fun!

Natalie said...

Well thanks for blogging. what fun is it to be on vacation if you arent rubbing it in our faces anyways? It looks so pretty there. I think I would even strut in a bikini and not complain if someone let me come. Getting a cook was a good idea. I hate cooking on vacation! I love Bella's suit. And they say girls are more devolopmentally advanced than boys. so thats ok if she is doing things faster than him. Adam always says our kids are going to be stupid and it makes me so mad. Kids are kids, let them be that while they can. They will read when they need to!

Rachael said...

Thanks for the effort, Lor - I was thinking you'd given up blogging! Don't you just miss all the comments though? (Trying to give you some positive reinforcement here!)

Looks like a blast, and I didn't realize you'd taken a baby-sitter along! You guys are spoiled.

I'd splurge on the cook too. Totally worth it to have someone cook for you on vacation. It's kind of like those chairs at the outdoor concert we went to (remember?) - a good deal is nice, but for some things, price kind of becomes irrelevant!

Glad you're having fun, although I'm super jealous right now.

Elle J said...

Your pictures with the sun, pool, and relaxing look so awesome right now. Enjoy every moment!

Lori said...

Kristen, We went with another couple and Taylor is their daughter.
Rach, it is worth it for the cook, regardless of the cost, but when your here for 10 days, you still gotta be somewhat conservative, you should come some time, it is so great we are thinking about booking again for next year!

Tina in CT said...

I'm very envious! What a view and your own private pool!

No one should have to cook on vacation.

Bella has the same rolls that Natalia had at that age - adorable.

Enjoy your vacation!

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Shanna said...

I am so jealous! Looks like so much fun and Bella has gotten so big!