Sunday, December 7, 2008

Anthony's 1st Birthday Party

I woke up early this morning to get to the store and get the last minute things I needed for the big party today. Everyone in the house was still asleep, but I left the camera hanging on Tony's bedroom door with instructions for Todd to get a picture of the birthday boy first thing when he woke up. He did as I asked, in fact there were about 20 pictures on the camera, but sadly only two was worth keeping.
Here's the birthday boy. He has no idea what a big day is ahead of him.
The party was great. We had lots of people to share in this big day. While Anthony turning one was a huge deal to Todd and I, we weren't sure how big of a deal it would be to everyone else. Apparently he has a lot of people who love him and wanted to be here for the celebration, we had close to 40 people in our house for the party. There wasn't even enough seats for everyone to sit, but no one seemed to mind.
My sister Natalie was in charge of taking pictures for me, but I didn't get them from her before she left, so I am not able to post but the few pictures I took on my camera.

His Grandma got him this really cool wagon. It's a two seater, so he can share it with his little sister next year.

By the time everyone had arrived, Tony started to get a little cranky. I'm not sure if it was because he was overwhelmed by all the people, or if it was because it was somewhat close to his naptime. Either way, we decided to do the cake and sing Happy Birthday early on in the party just in case his good mood didn't last long.
Here he is waiting for his cake. After we sang to him, we were all hoping he would dig in to his own little mini cake, but he just wasn't that interested in it, at first anyway. Eventually, he dug in and had some fun with it.
He made quite the mess by the time he was done. It was so cute though, and that is after all what your supposed to do on your first birthday right?Then we moved on to the presents, he had a rather large pile waiting for him. He got lots of cute little outfits, and tons of new toys to play with. The good news is, I don't have to get him much for Christmas, he should be all set with new toys for quite a while now. I think I have enough now to have a play room on all three floors of our house.
After I helped him open all his gifts I took him upstairs for a nap. He fell fast asleep without any fussing and slept for 2 hours. He was plum tuckered out.
All in all it was a great birthday party, and one we will for sure never forget. Thanks to everyone who came to share in this special day.
Once I get the rest of the pictures from Natalie I will post some more. There were lots of cute ones I'm sure.


Rachael said...

I was wondering if you'd have the energy to post after the party!

That's a great idea to take his picture first thing in the morning. I wish I'd thought of that with my kids.

Elle J said...

I took a picture 1st thing like you for both of my children on their 1st birthday. It is my favorite photo of their special day. I think you will find it priceless too as Anthony grows into a little boy,and to a big boy.

Happy Birthday to your son!! Your celebration for him sounded perfect.

Tina in CT said...

I wish I looked so good when I woke up in the morning. Looks like Anthony enjoyed his chocolate birthday cake.

Have a good vacation in Jamaica.

Shanna said...

Happy Birthday to Anthony! Looks like it was a great party.

Cecelia said...

Oh, he is so cute. I wish I could have been there. Looking forward to seeing more pictures.

soontobemrs said...

I can't believe he is already a year old! Hope the party was fun! Tell the little one happy birthday for us! Have fun in Jamaica.

Natalie said...

The pictures are all on your computer, I told you that before I left. They are under the folder titled "Thanksgiving o8 and Tony's birthday." Look again, they are there.
Glad he had a good birthday. He sure was a cute 1 year old.

Kristin said...

Happy Birthday Tony! He looked so happy when he woke up! Is that a normal thing? because when i've babysat little kids his age they are crying when they wake up!
hope you have fun in jamaica!

Anonymous said...

"Happy Birthday" to little Anthony!
So many new toys...such fun! Enjoy your trip to Jamaica w/ him before his new little sister arrives and life gets alittle more hectic...and doubley sweet! :-)

Aunt Sandy

Anonymous said...

"Happy Birthday" to little Anthony!
So many new toys...such fun! Enjoy your trip to Jamaica w/ him before his new little sister arrives and life gets alittle more hectic...and doubley sweet! :-)

Aunt Sandy

Amy said...

Happy Birthday Tony! Sorry we didn't make it to the party, but it sounds like you had a house full anyway! I am glad he had such a great day. (Sounds like you did too.)

Libby G. said...

I really need to check your blog more often! I didn't know you were pregnant again!! Do you want a pretty pink bouncy seat? I have one that needs a good home! And a pretty pink exersaucer too! I would be more than happy to get them to Amy so she can get them to you!

Libby G. said...

OH! And I forgot to say Happy Birthday to Tony! I can't believe how big he has gotten...

Ellen and Don said...

I love those pictures! Gotta love your first birthday cake! ;)